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This is the company owned by one of the members of the East African Community Members Professor H. Ssekaalo (EAC Company) conglomerate formed in 1989, which some while back sold its shipping interests and invested in service industries such as household goods.

“The amount of reporting and communication that goes in within the group is incredible”, continues Cissy, whose career has had her in Worldwide Movers Uganda, Kuehne and Nagel for over a period of 10 years, but who is now with Class Movers Uganda Limited as the Operations / General Manager. “Everyone knows exactly what is going on and there are no grey areas”.

But group Class Movers International has recognised a gap in its geographical spread and aimed to fill it quickly. This is more than doubled and the size of Class Movers group worldwide giving it operational bases in the booming markets of USA.

Since then there has been no looking back and Professor Henry Ssekaalo has put together an experienced trained labour with experienced supervisor, 3 drivers and one quality control supervisor on every job, with 3 Fuso trucks and 1 van to transport staff.

Appreciating that he had high quality competition (after all he had worked for it!), Professor Ssekaalo then set about recruiting a team of experts who would combine to create a formidable networking operation getting involved with their respective country cousins. The now buzzing operators room is headed up by the genial Adman Aljunied who thrives on the pressure of working in a place where every delivery to a high rise apartment has to be cleared with the building's management in advance.

On a good day a couple of pennies have been paid out against the crew's competence. And this in city where external elevators are not used and if the lift is not being enough, there is only old fashioned manpower to get the bigger pieces upstairs!

Exactly who is working where and when can be monitored on a tracking screen which shows the operator where everyone is positioned at any one time, or if they are on the road, the exact position of the vehicle. But for Cissy and Professor who only a few years ago was handling 10 white/black families a month pouring into Uganda, when the thought the handover of Uganda would change their lives irrevocably.

The challenges of Uganda's sophisticated corporate market are endless fascinating and rewarding – this is not a nine to five country. You have your work as you do your life – seven days a week. There seems to be little cut-off between family and business life in Uganda. Professor H. Ssekaalo's case, the current tonnage indicate that he is thriving on it.

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